iPhone 3Gs Jailbreak: Purplera1n

The amazing Geohot has recently released his purplera1n iPhone 3Gs jailbreak! Check it out on his blog, or head straight to the website to grab your own copy.

Anyway, I had the privilege of working with him and westbaer (and the rest of the chronic dev team) on the Mac version of purplera1n, which we released a few hours ago. It works very well, and requires no interaction with the iPhone at all! Even better, you can use the iPhone Dev Team’s ultrasn0w for an iPhone 3Gs unlock!

So, enjoy your jailbreak, and if you appreciated my work on the Mac version, feel free to donate!

By the way, we’re working on a new interface for it… The original interface looked like this, but we wanted it to be consistent across platforms ;)

Popularity: 21% [?]

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21 Responses to iPhone 3Gs Jailbreak: Purplera1n

  1. Ian says:

    Any way to get this to work on 10.4? Thanks for the hard work.

  2. Karmaworld says:

    Greeting from Canada – Awesome – will try and let you know of any problems, but I’ve been reading that some folks have been having problems with WiFi after installing ultransn0w. Will donate if all is fine.

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  4. Orlando says:

    How do you make purplera1n works on 10.4 tiger version

  5. T says:

    I can’t see the link for the Mac version. Any ideas?

  6. Simon says:

    Thanks for porting Purplera1n to Mac! Finally, Mac user can jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3GS.

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  8. Dalton Voss says:

    I’m a 10.4 user with PPC – any chance of a PPC binary with support for 10.4? Thanks!

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  10. pastrychef says:

    Thanks for all your efforts!!

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  12. Sidhant Gupta says:


    Is the IPSW file for 3G and 3GS the same? If not I was wondering if you know of a link to the 3GS 3.0 IPSW?

    Thanks for the wonderful app!

  13. 3GSad says:

    I did a JB on my 3GS on July 7th with Purplera1n Mac version. Everything appeared to have gone smoothly. Installed apps, wifi, phone, email and text all working.

    However, I just noticed my phone and my iMac are no longer paired via bluetooth.

    They had been paired prior. I use the app Things for mac and have the iphone app as well. They sync via bluetooth.

    Starting from scratch, removing any past pairing info from both the phone and the iMac. The phone cannot discover the iMac but the iMac can discover the phone. From the iMac to the phone I go through the pairing process. It all appears to work. They pair for like a second then disconnect. I can then reconnect them for a second using the iMac or the phone but it always disconnects.

    Could this be a side effect of the JB?

  14. 3GSad says:

    You know what, forget it. I am an idiot.

    I’ve been playing with this phone too much. It was not a bluetooth issue. They connect via WiFi. I just figured it out.

    You can delete these comments. Sorry…

  15. hatice says:


  16. demetrious Starling says:

    purple rain will not open on my mac any reason to why ???

  17. K says:

    Good work guys, working perfectly.

  18. Cossydphreak says:

    Anybody got any ideas why my 3gs hangs on step 7, does not reboot?

  19. enrica raviola says:

    i got mac os tiger and Purplera1n doesn’t work! shit!

  20. dixie says:

    Worked fine for me on 3GS.

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