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As was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article focusing on my work with iPods and iPhones, for the past number of months, my friend Ben Feldman and I have been working on a subscription web service currently called DeskConnect. Compatible with both Windows and Macs, it allows you to remotely access a computer’s screen and its files from anywhere you have Internet access. The service will launch with complimentary iPhone and Android apps that will also allow you to use your smartphone to access computer and its files, and will have a standard mobile web interface for those using other phones to access the service as well.

Right now the product is still in development, so we’re not at the point where more than the core features of the application can safely be divulged, but everything is coming along nicely and we’re anticipating a launch this fall.

We will, however, need additional testers as DeskConnect continues to progress. So if you are interested (both Windows and Mac users), please sign up at and we will try to fit you into our testing program (no guarantees, since we aren’t quite sure how many new prospective testers will apply). Obviously we won’t share your email address with anyone.

Thanks for all of the kind responses to the Wall Street Journal article, by the way. I’d like to again thank Yukari for the opportunity; what an experience!

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9 Responses to Latest Project

  1. P3T3R says:

    Hey arix, remember me? I was just reading engadget and then I was like “holy **** it’s arix”. Congrats.

  2. AriX says:

    @P3T3R Yeah, I do, wow, it’s been a while :)
    How’s Biscuit doing?

  3. Ramin says:

    Hey i’m new here and i (13 Years old) thought i’m a tech genius until i saw you. BTW: I really want to be an tester for DeskConnect. i just signed up for the Newsletter.

  4. P3T3R says:

    Biscuit’s great, he’s off to cambridge after the summer to do Vetinary Medicine…. he’s a windows user now though.

  5. Ari hi my name is Carlos Fernández de Lara I’m a journalist at Excélsior newspaper one of the most important newspapers in México I read the article on the WSJ and was thinking if you mind giving me the chance to interview you so you can explain about the work as a developer and a hacker you been doing. I can call you to any phone number you provided me, Sorry I didn’t send you an email but I can’t find. anyway let me now. and Congrats on your sucess and fame specially being so young.

  6. itchell says:

    This new product sounds very interesting to me. I would really like to test it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mitchell says:

    sorry my keyboard is messed up. ( itchel l- “M”itchell)

  8. ilma says:

    ja sam ilma i volim vilu bllem ona mije najdraza vila
    i bloom naj poslije cao

  9. Is this kinda like a GoToMyPC type app? I would sure like to help you test it out. Thanks.

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