This blog is hopelessly out of date, but maybe this is an excuse to start posting again.

Have you ever lost part of your calendar but still had a sqlitedb version from an iPhone backup? If so, sqlite2ical can help you. Grab the source from https://github.com/AriX/sqlite2ical or download the application here.

If you have the iPhone backup but not the sqlitedb file, use the iPhone Backup Extractor to find Calendar.sqlitedb, and then run it through sqlite2ical.


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4 Responses to sqlite2ical

  1. John Stephen says:

    Tried using your GUI app for sqlite2ical but it’s not working. Do I need Xcode running on my machine?

  2. John Stephen says:

    OK, this app works great. My mistake. I did not look back to see the resulting events. The resulting converted ics file size made me think there was nothing but I was not diligent enough to go back – wish ical had a list view.

  3. John Stephen says:

    BusyCal has a list view. Great for figuring out what you might have in an imported ics file.

  4. darin says:

    desparate for this — creates two files — shm and wal file — neither seem to be .ics files. What’s the comment about resulting events refer to?

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